Brewers Close In On Tavarez

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Brewers and Julian Tavarez are closing in on a deal with pitcher Julian Tavarez, suggesting that Jeff Weaver will likely opt out of his contract. Tavarez will not take a 'rehab' assignment in the minors. Once he passes his physical he will join the bullpen as a long reliever. Tavarez was 0-1 with a 6.39 ERA in nine games for the Red Sox, but the Brewers are hoping he will turn around his season and return to 2007 form.


Anonymous 1:49 PM CDT  

Where does the "suggestion" that Weaver will opt out of his minor league deal come from? It's not mentioned in the JSOnline story whatsoever, and I fail to see how Milwaukee signing a relief pitcher would affect Weaver (a starter) at all.

Eli 4:40 PM CDT  

tavarez is a spot starter

Ryan 10:41 PM CDT  

The article explicitly states that Doug Melvin is "looking to add a veteran arm to the bullpen". Tavarez won't be starting in Milwaukee. So again, where does the blurb about Jeff Weaver come from? Or is it just total (off base) speculation on your part?

Anonymous 4:43 PM CDT  

Where else would Weaver possibly take his 6.69 AAA ERA? He is absolutely horrible and should beg to keep his job, nevermind opting out.