Marlins, Padres Interested In Jones

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

According to, the Marlins and Padres are interested in outfielder Jacque Jones. I mention that the Padres would be interested in this piece, so this further confirms that they are in on him. The Marlins nearly traded for Jones last season, but the deal was shot down by the Commissioners Office because of the amount of money being moved. Gonzalez and Ross are struggling in the outfield and adding Jones would really help in both spots. The Marlins and Tigers are familiar with eachother, so a trade could work out nicely.

The Padres could use a center fielder to play everyday with Jim Edmonds struggling. Jones would give them a solid spark, something Edmonds is not doing. He is a better fit for the Marlins though, who would use him in the lead off spot.


Anonymous 7:15 PM CDT  

"Jones would give them a solid spark?" He was released because he did not have a spark. SD should run from this guy, he is washed up like Edmonds.

Slice 7:50 PM CDT  

I think the marlin's would be a good fit

Anonymous 8:21 PM CDT  

The Pads should cut Edmonds & sign Lofton.

Anonymous 11:00 PM CDT  

Still stickin' with the spark thing, huh?

Anonymous 7:33 AM CDT  

change of scenery...back to the nl

Anonymous 9:25 AM CDT  

Kevin Towers went on local radio yesterday and said that Jones was definitely not in their plans.

It was hinted that all plans would be unveiled this weekend when the team has a short series at home and those plans were - mind you, this was inferred, not confirmed - that Jody Gerut would be called up, Edmonds might be gone, and Chase Headley will likely be starting in LF.

The Padres are not a major player in free agency, they will promote from within.

Anonymous 8:00 PM CDT  

the marlins would use him in the leadoff spot?