Vizquel to Boston?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there is a rumor circulating through baseball that the Red Sox have interest in Omar Vizquel. This doesn't make any sense considering the Red Sox have Jed Lowrie, but a trade for a shortstop is possible. Furthermore, Lugo is batting .285 in 35 games, so he is not doing terrible for them. Vizquel is batting .385 in four games, but has started to slip over the past couple of seasons. Vizquel has 5.2 million dollar club option for 2009, but that will probably be bought out 300,000 dollars.

The Red Sox may very well be scanning the market for a shortstop, but they wouldn't get serious until closer to the deadline.


Bucky, NY 6:28 PM CDT  

I dont see this move happening unless they can unload lugo in any deal. Lowrie should be the starter in 09' so Vizquel makes sense if lugo departs for a reliever. Lugo wont get much and the sox will have to eat 15 mil at least.

Anonymous 7:51 PM CDT  

They should have traded for Omar last year (i guess it worked out anyway). Vizquel's glove is still outstanding (he deserved the GG last year) and his bat is adequate to good (I suspect he gets more pitches to hit in Boston than SF...let alone that is a hitter's park). The Giants could even package Omar with say Hennessey for a good prospect.

Would be nice to see Omar go out with a winner.

Anonymous 9:26 PM CDT  

Lugo's bat isn't what they're upset about. Take a look at his fielding pct. 11 E's in 35 games just isn't going to cut it.

Anonymous 9:53 PM CDT  

ss always seem to have trouble there. edgar renteria, lugo...maybe they should look into that.

Anonymous 11:09 AM CDT  

Oh, you must be right this time ... say what about the Johnson to Giants your "sources" told you about??? And why or why did that post magically disappear when it made you and your sources look foolish???

Anonymous 1:56 PM CDT  

While I love Omar (who doesn't) I would not be too upset to see him go. He's a great presence in the locker room and does a superb job on the field. But we need to get younger and having Omar doesnt help that.