Quick Hits: Soriano, Giants, Hatteberg, Street

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick hits:

  • Alfonso Soriano enjoyed a nice reunion with Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, who he hadn't seen in eleven years. The two happened to be dorm mates when they were in the Japan minor leagues together.
  • The Giants seem poised to trade veteran Randy Winn, Rich Aurilia, and Ray Durham at the trade deadline. All three have big time contracts and probably would not get much in return on the market, but it is time for the Giants to shake things up.
  • The Reds called up Jay Bruce to be there everyday center fielder and designated Scott Hatteberg for assignment. The Mets had interest in Hatteberg before Delagdo started showing signs of life. Delgado still does not own a good batting average, but he is doing better than Hatteberg. The Giants seem like a good fit.
  • Although the Athletics are playing well, you cannot help but believe they will try and make a move at the deadline. Whether it is Joe Blanton or Huston Street, something will go down. The Brewers could have interest in Street, and the Rockies seem like a good fit for Blanton. We'll see what happens.


obsessivegiantscompulsive 10:54 PM CDT  

Do you read your own stuff?

If the Giants trade the veterans to shake things up, why would they then pick up Hatteberg, who is not even hitting as well as any of the three vets you said they will trade away?

Heck, he is not even hitting as well as the guy he would replace, the rookie John Bowker. Why would they pick up Hatteberg when they passed on all the players of his type during the off-season?

Gene 5:31 PM CDT  

Yeah, the Giants are bad, but they fluctuate between unexpected promising and very bad. Therefore, rumors for the team will fluctuate too. I agree that the kid is wrong about Hatte, but I do think that Sabean is hoping that some sucker team will rent one of these guys for the 2nd half. Hopefully we get some prospects back (actually, I'll take anything). I personally would like to keep Winn though...