Would The Phillies Trade Howard?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back in 2006, Ryan Howard was the best first baseman in baseball. He hit for power (58), had a good average (.313), and kept the Phillies in the playoff hunt for most of the season. The following season, Howard still hit for power, but his average dropped dramatically and strikeouts went way up. He is back again in his third full season, but has failed to make the proper adjustments. He is batting .188 with 9 HR and an OBP of .294. That is not going to cut it as your three hitter. Luckily, Chase Utley has stepped up big time early on and kept the Phillies in it. Howard is making 10 million dollars this season and won't be a free agent until 2011, so that is bound to go up.

The Phillies minor league system has decent depth, but it is not great, and trading Howard would help fill that. He appears DH bound at some point in his career, but he could probably handle first base for another couple of seasons. It is a little early, but several teams could use his bat in their lineup. Teams that go after Mark Teixeira will likely look to Howard sometime next season as a fall back option. The Yankees and Phillies are on good trade terms and could swing a deal similar to the one that sent Bobby Abreu to the Yankees.


Anonymous 2:39 PM CDT  

The Phillies traded Abreu as a salary dump. They won't be trading Howard to dump his salary. Also, the Yankees probably don't have the chips it would take to land Howard, specifically a top starting pitching prospect with #1/2 potential and a top 10 position player prospect.

A better bet is the Angels or Giants as a trading partner.

However, the Phillies won;t even think about dealing Howard until the offseason.

Eli 2:56 PM CDT  

I thought about the Giants, but they would have to surrender angel villalona. and they dont want to do that.

Anonymous 4:04 PM CDT  

I'm a Mets fan who hates the Yankees, but how can you say the Yankees don't have the chips? I would think Hughes and Tabata or Austin Jackson would be more than enough for Howard, not that the Yankees would do it.

ME 6:11 PM CDT  

The Yankees have a great farm system

Anonymous 7:07 PM CDT  

I don't think they'll consider trading howard at this point. He's still a good hitter and always had slow starts.If they do trade him who would take his spot at 1st base I don't think there minor league system is really deep at first base.

Anonymous 9:45 PM CDT  

dont have the chips?
Joba Chamberlain
Phil Hughes
Ian Kennedy
Jose Tabata
Austin Jackson
Andrew Brackman
Jesus Montero

just to name a few players

Anonymous 10:08 PM CDT  

Peter Gammons was on Mike & Mike and mentioned that the Giants "reportedly" talked Howard and Carrasco for Cain and Lincecum straight up. If true, that would be hard to pass up for a team that historically has pitching problems.

Unfortunately, Gammons has a nasty habit of not knowing what he's talking about mot of the time.

Anonymous 10:42 PM CDT  

Why would the Yankees trade Hughes for Howard when young starting pitching is what they need?

If they wouldn't deal Hughes for Santana, they won;t be dealing him for Howard.

Bucky, NY 10:38 AM CDT  

The Mets could send F. Martinez and thats about it. The Yanks would have to send Joba. Howard and Utley are the faces of this franchise, hes not going anywhere. In the end he will get paid and seeing how the mets are going downhill, its the phils to win.

Anonymous 7:59 PM CDT  

If Phils trade Howard they will be seeking a "sinker ball" type pitching prospect and a legit blue chip third base prospect.

Anonymous 10:07 AM CDT  

how about the yankees sign texiera...no howard trade