Is Teixeira Yankee Bound?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mark Teixeira is starting to heat up for the Braves hitting .258 with 4 HR and 18 RBI. If he can put up similar numbers to last year, he will definitely be seeking a Miguel Cabrera like deal. That puts the Braves out of it right there, unless GM Frank Wren can convince ownership to hand over that kind of cash. Don't rule them out yet though. The Braves have several young players with modest salaries that help the payroll in two or three years. If the Braves were to give him 17-19 million dollars annually, they could pay him 10-12 million the first year or so, and then raise it so it works into their payroll over the next several seasons. However, it looks as if the Mets, Yankees, and Orioles will be gunning for him next off season. The Mets will let Carlos Delgado walk as will the Yankees with Jason Giambi, and the Orioles will hope he would look to return home with the Orioles. All three are possible, so whoever is willing to pay up will probably get him. My money is on the Mets, mostly because he will be staying in the same division, where he already has success.


Anonymous 9:08 PM CDT  

I could easily see the Giants going hard after him. The G-Men can have a salary of $100M and they need to fill that stadium since they have a $20M mortgage for 10 more years. They need a 1B, they need a big bat and they have the money. Further, with Durham, Vizquel, Aurilia coming off the books and only a few small raises other than Zito's $4M, the Giants have about $10M coming off the books ($17M coming off, $4M zito raise, approx. $3M others). Moreso, they will have another $35M coming off after 09'.

All that said a Giants fan...I really hope they don't sign him. He is good...but he isn't $15M good...let alone $20.

Bucky, NY 4:37 PM CDT  

I think he fits the Mets needs more than anyone in Baseball. A cleanup hitter who is above avg. defender and high character guy. Someone to open the new digs up with and another franchise guy to go with Reyes, Johan, and Wright. Delgado will not return.

Anonymous 7:06 PM CDT  

THink the Mets are gonna outbid the Yankees for Tex? THink again. Tex has already had conversations with Jeter about their new stadium, and it seems he wants to be a part of their organization. Not to mention the Yankees have about 84 million coming off the books next year, they could sign both Tex and C.C. to huge deals and not blink an eyelash. The Mets don't have unlimited payroll and what they are going to have two players on the roster combining for almost 50 milliion a season? That's not smart. Also, as far as the Braves are concerned, Time Warner is not the owner anymore, and Liberty Media has already said that payroll is going to increase every single year. Take into consideration that the Braves have Glavine and Hampton coming off the books this year, and Jones, Hudson, and Smoltz won't make as much next year as they do this year. If the Braves don't resign him, it will be because they do not believe in giving 25 percent or more of the payroll to one player. But if he doesn't stay with the Braves, he will be without a doubt Yankee bound in 09.

Anonymous 7:50 PM CDT  

how bout the mets new stadium

Anonymous 8:56 PM CDT  

how about replacing 2 starting spots, lf, c, and probably 2b soon? alot of wholes

Anonymous 1:31 PM CDT  

Who cares about the Mets new stadium? He'll be a Yankee.