Fantasy: Stock Rising or Falling

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The third addition of Stock Rising or Falling:

Evan Longoria, Rays: Although he is batting .247, Longoria is turning into Mr. Clutch for the Rays. If he has not been picked up in your league, sign him soon.

Bengie Molina, Giants: Molina would be a great pick up for your team right now if available. He is batting .652 over the past six games and is really carrying the Giants. If you have a surplus of pitching, he would be a cheap pick up.

Jesse Litsch, Blue Jays: Litsch was good was for the Blue Jays last year but is off to an excellent start this year. He pitched a complete game in his last start to improve to 6-1.

Honorable Mention: Jason Bay, Pirates

Fausto Carmona, Indians: A hip injury has sidelined him for over a month.

Willie Randolph, Mets: He has a meeting with owners next week to talk about his job, and if things go bad, he could be gone.

Colorado Rockies: They are ten games out of first and are now without Tulowitzki, Barmes, Hawpe, and Matt Holliday.


Anonymous 2:13 PM CDT  

As someone who watches the Astros everyday, I don't think its fair to say Berkman and Oswalt are carrying the team. Berkman is definitely the main point of everything right now but Lee has already won two or three games walk off style, Tejada is batting .330 and our pitches are doing way better then expected. This team is clicking.

Bucky, NY 8:21 PM CDT  

Did anyone really think Gagne was worth 10mil or if he would be able to close efficiently. He is done, anyone who watched him last year saw that.