Cubs After Edmonds?

Monday, May 12, 2008

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs have some interest in Jim Edmonds, mostly because lefty Felix Pie has had no affect on the offense of the team. Cubs officials did not shoot down the report, making this seem like legitimate possibility.

The Cubs should let Felix Pie just play through this. Every young player needs to get through the growing pains, especially a player that was signed at an early age. Edmonds, although experienced in the NL Central, would hurt the teams defense and would probably have no major affect on the team. They are better off giving Micah Hoffpauir a shot.


Stu 9:40 AM CDT  

I agree with letting Pie play through it all this season. A player only gets better by experiencing hardships and working though them.
Edmonds is washed up. He can't stay healthy and even with the Cubs lineup, he would be a minimal plus. if one at all.

Anonymous 4:52 PM CDT  

edmonds would be an upgrade over pie defensively and hitting.i dont see why they wouldnt sign him

Anonymous 12:32 AM CDT  

Edmonds would be like Phil Nevin when he played for the cubs

Anonymous 7:41 AM CDT  

Edmonds would be an UPGRADE over Pie defensively? Really, Dude, put the crack pipe down. You've had enough.

Anonymous 7:25 PM CDT  

Edmonds would be a good veteran addition for the clubhouse... other than that, I don't think he would have that much of an affect! Edmonds has always been a Cub killer, but Pie has very sound defensive skills that will only get better, and with how Edmonds has been doing this year at the plate, Pie and Johnson might be enough until Pie starts hitting or someone else comes along!

Bucky, NY 8:20 PM CDT  

Edmonds will go down as one of the best defensive CF in the last 25 years maybe ever. He was a webjem almost nightly in Anahiem and then ST. Louis. Great career.

Stu 10:25 AM CDT  

Well they were desperate enough that they signed him. Probably their worst pickup this year.