Tigers Cut Jones

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Tigers only gave Jacque Jones twenty-four games to prove he could hit, but he got off to a slow start. Jones is a career .278 hitter and has the potential to hit 20 homeruns, but will likely fall somewhere between 10-15 this season. Jones is in the final year of his three year, sixteen million dollar deal, so the Tigers probably don't want him in their minors. They will probably look to make a trade, or give him his release.

As for teams that could be interested, the Padres seem like a good fit. They could use an outfielder and definitely need a spark in the outfield. The Nationals could use an outfielder with all three struggling as well. For now though, it is all speculation. We will know more next week.


Anonymous 6:53 PM CDT  

Jacque Jones is bad at hitting baseballs. And he's bad at, you know, getting on base to a superlative degree.

Couple that with a 'curious' power outage last year and he, in no way, shape or form, provides a 'spark' (nebulous and dubious description at best) for anybody.

You're a Cub fan. You saw the evidence. Why would a team not unbelievably desperate sign him? Sure, the Cubs are paying $2 million of his salary this year but what left fielder currently playing doesn't have the potential to hit 15-20 homeruns?

Whatever team signs him has made a bad baseball decision. This is Phil Rogers-type logic. Look at his peripherals.

Eli 7:31 PM CDT  

who said I'm a cubs fan?

Anonymous 7:41 PM CDT  

Are you trying to deny your a cubs fan? You've openly said your a cub fan multiple times on this site...

Eli 7:51 PM CDT  

alright alright...im a cubs fan, i have said it. but I check my bias at the door.

Jim McClain 8:56 PM CDT  

And he can't throw all the way to second base from left field on less than three hops. I'm a Tigers fan, and I am biased.

Anonymous 7:39 AM CDT  

I AM a Cubs fan. Jones has shown flashes of talent, but too many strikeouts and horrible clutch hitting turned me off in a hurry. Add to that his poor baserunning and inability to hit a cutoff man and I can't understand what all the hype is about.

Anonymous 7:45 AM CDT  

A return trip to the Metrodome may be in order. He did play well while there.