Fielder Safe, Sheets On Block

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Despite Fielder's slow start, the Brewers have no intention of trading Prince Fielder, who is hitting .276 with 6 HR and 25 RBI. The Brewers are low on pitching, but Fielder is still years from free agency, so it does not make sense to give up on him so early. Fielder is still a big part of this Brewers lineup, who will hurt you if you make a mistake. He is adjusting early right now and is having trouble. Ryan Howard went through a similar transition, and although he has not returned to form, he has not fallen off the charts.

The Brewers, however, won't be as patient with pitcher Ben Sheets. Sheets has battled injuries but is starting to prove that he is healthy. He is 5-1 with a 2.93 ERA in 10 games this season, and if he continues to pitch well, they will likely trade him while his stock his high. Maybe the Orioles and Brewers could line up on a trade with Sheets and a package that included George Sherrill. Seems risky for the Orioles, who are 5.5 games out of first. The Phillies seem like a good fit as well.


Anonymous 5:01 PM CDT  

As a Phillies fan, this is exactly the kind of pitcher that can put the team over the top.

Health is the one thing that may make Sheets a relative bargain as well. I really can't see any team giving its top prospects for Sheets.

What would the Brewers be looking for in return? Prospects or players that can step right in?

Anonymous 1:43 AM CDT  

No way the Crew trades Sheets in May, or June for that matter. If they play well in June and July Sheets will be a big part of their post season hopes. If they stay below .500 until mid July then I could see him getting dealt but not until then.

Anonymous 12:21 PM CDT  

Positively nuts.

cigarcow 4:41 PM CDT  

What are you talking about? Why would the Brewers trade their only good pitcher? Where'd you make up that rumor? You continue to baffle me.

Anonymous 6:45 PM CDT  

The Brewers could actually move Sheets in July if their pretty much out of it. He's going to be a free agent and it may make sense to maximize his value by getting a top prospect or two for him. But no way in hell is he going to Baltimore. That team should be and is in rebuilding mode, and has zero reason to deal young players for a free agent to be. Just because Sherill might be available and a good fit for Milwaukee doesn't mean they make good trade partners. Please just cross them off your list and forget about it.

But man, Eli, how can you possibly post that Sheets is on the block? At no point during that whole article did he say anything remotely close to Sheets being available. You should really, really clarify that you're speculating, and that there is no proof that he's actually on the block. I hate made up news.

But honestly I would be fascinated to see what Sheets could net them. They could probably use a long term center fielder, and they need a long term catcher. And then there is pitching, which everyone always needs. I could see a few teams, maybe the Rays, Phillies, Braves, Cubs, or Astros could make a run at him. The Cubs and Astros obviously make the least amount of sense because they're in the same division, but a Pie for Sheets deal would make sense. Still won't happen realistically. The Phillies could offer something around Shane Victorino and maybe Josh Outman or Kyle Drabek. The Brewers could look into catchers Lou Marson and Jason Jaramillo as well. The Rays could probably offer something like Wade Davis straight up if they really can contend this year. That'd be something else. I think the Phillies match up quite well though with Victorino being fairly expendable with the emergence of Jayson Werth.

Anonymous 2:25 AM CDT  

no its going to be sheets for myers straight up