Red Sox Option Buchholz

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Red Sox announced today that pitcher Clay Buchholz will be optioned to Triple-A. Although this comes as a surprise to many Boston fans, it just shows how much pitching they have. The Red Sox can afford to do this with Bartolo Colon pitching well, and it will allow Buchholz to get back into a groove. Buchholz will likely be down in Triple-A for a couple weeks, maybe a month, to work himself into a good rhythm. Pitching prospects Justin Masterson and David Pauley are wheeling and dealing down in Triple-A also, so the Red Sox can be patient with Buchholz.

I think this will be good for Buchholz and the Red Sox in the long run, but more for Buchholz. To be able to go down to Triple-A and pitch and analyze his pitching away from the spotlight should help him better develop his stuff. The Red Sox are currently one game out of first place, but face the first place Rays at home next week, so we could see a change in the standings by the end of next week.


Bucky, NY 5:57 PM CDT  

This is why depth is so important, he needs a couple of minor starts to get back his form. Masterson will probably get the ball for two games. I can see his stint lasting maybe two weeks. This makes the Colon signing look even better now with Dice K out as well.

ME 12:16 PM CDT  

I know this doesnt have anything t do with this article but the yankees lost 2 of their starters in IPK and Phil abut now if u look at their rotation it is pretty darn good u have
Wang who is having a good year
Rasner who has been unhittable this year
Andy Who is starting to turn it on
Joba IDK he could be bad or great tough call
Moose who is having a great turn around year

Anonymous 12:28 AM CDT  


Anonymous 4:33 AM CDT  

actually it doesnt come to a surprise to most red sox fans. watching buchholz pitch before he went on the dl he just didnt have it. varitek had him throwing way too many breaking pitches to begin with and he was just leaving them up way too often. he needs to go down to the minors and do what works best for him. spot his fastball then finish the guys off with his nice offspeed pitches and hopefully when he makes it up to boston again tek doesnt call so many offspeed pitches in his game. tek always get priase for his game calling but the last few games he called with buchholz didnt make much since. throwing first pitch change ups and curves all the time when your leaving it up is not a good idea