News and Notes: Rangers to Trade Blalock?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Rangers are currently in third place with a record of 20-21. They are determined to rebuild with prospects through the draft and trades, and may explore that this upcoming trade deadline. Hank Blalock, who is in the final year of his contract, is batting .299 with 3 HR. He does have a club option worth 6.2 million dollars, so any team that goes out to acquire him would have him for at least one full season. Blalock is a two-time All-Star and is just twenty-seven. He hits for good power which should improve as he enters his prime (Average prime: 28-32). As for teams that could be interested, the Indians seem like a good fit. They are looking for a corner infielder and Blalock would certainly help in that role. The Astros have Ty Wigginton struggling at third base right now and may look to add Blalock to their lineup. Their minor league system isn't as strong, but they have enough to get a trade done. There will always be a surprise team that jumps in, but it is a little early to see. If Evan Longoria is struggling in July, maybe the Rays would make a move on Blalock. He would give them the push they need for the playoffs (actually!) and they could always hold on to him as insurance in 2009. They have minor leaguers that are expendable, and they are good enough for the Rangers to bite on.

Rockies will wait for Tavarez: The Red Sox are asking for pitcher Brandon Hynick in exchange for Tavarez, and the Rockies are not interested. They will most likely wait until he is released.

Marlins to sign Jones:
Now that Jacque Jones is a free agent, the Marlins are expected to finalize a deal within the next day or so.

Edmonds to Cubs: The Cubs and Jim Edmonds have agreed to a one year deal, according to The Cubs will send down Felix Pie and will send him to work with the coach that helped Ronny Cedeno develop his swing. Hopefully, that will make his ready for 2009.

Rays expected to draft Posey: Several executives are hearing that the Rays are leaning heavily towards drafted catcher Buster Bosey.

Mariners ready for Griffey: The Mariners have scouted him, talked about him, and have checked out his salary to make sure it fits the payroll. It does. It appears as if Griffey will be a Mariner.

Kawakami prefers Red Sox: Japanese phenom Kenshin Kawakami would rather sign with the Red Sox than the Yankees or Mets next season.


Anonymous 7:36 PM CDT  

The Rays are gonna give up more prospects and spend $6.2M to add Hank Blalock when they already have Evan Longoria at third?!?!? what?

Longoria is entrenched at third, he's not letting go of that starting spot unless he completely falls apart. It is extremely unlikely that Longoria struggles bad enough to lose the job. Plus, considering that the Rays are definately more so playing for 2010 than 2008, I seriously doubt they'd be willing to give up the prospects to get a deal done. They would almost definately have to give up one of Jennings, Davis, Brignac or McGee, and those guys are simply too valuable for Blalock. Maybe something like Edwin Jackson, Chris Mason and Joel Guzman, but I just don't see why the Rays make such a move when it appears they'll be STACKED in a year or so.

RAYS 7:51 PM CDT  

they have the option th pick it doesnt mean they will.

but if longoria is hitting .230 at the break..maybe they would get blalock for the second half of the season. pick up option and trade.

right eli?

as a rays fan, i like it.

Bucky, NY 6:31 PM CDT  

Blaylock will land with a team who needs a 3b, the rays do not, nor do they want to send the message that Longoria isnt ready. The Astros, Twins, Orioles should be leading canidates. The rangers will want pitching in return.

Anonymous 7:00 PM CDT  

how is it that you always believe everyone wants to go to the red sox?

Eli 7:30 PM CDT  

i dont know about everyone, but i japanese pitcher would love to go to boston where two other japanese pitchers have seen success. it was also reported, not speculation.