Victorino On The Block?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

With Jayson Werth doing well in center field, the Phillies have the option to shop Shane Victorino for pitching help. Victorino is a career .270 hitter with 21 homeruns since entering the league in 2003. He drew a lot of trade interest last season and would probably draw a significant amount around this time too. If Victorino was put on the market with a prospect or two, it is possible they could land someone like Chris Young, that is, if the Padres go through with their fire sale. Phillies top prospect Carlos Carrasco is doing fairly well in Double-A right now, but the Phillies won't push him to the big leagues. Other than him, they do not have any standout pitching prospects that could try out for a big league spot.

With two question marks in the rotation, it would make sense for the Phillies to trade Victorino and a pair of mid level prospects for a Grade B type pitcher.


Anonymous 6:59 AM CDT  

Not sure if Shane Victorino fits for the Tribe but I think the Phillies could sure use Paul Byrd.

Anonymous 7:57 AM CDT  

I always liked Victorino's game. Great arm. Fast. Solid OBP. Good spark-plug. I wonder what it would take for the Cubs to get him? How about Jason Marquis ;-)

Anonymous 3:44 PM CDT  

Chris Young for Victorino straight up would be a steal for the Pads. Young is hurt every year & is showing this year that he may not be all that folks thought he was. Pads should make the deal in a second.

Slice 5:53 PM CDT  

Victorino isn't leaving anytime soon.Philly needs him ont he team,he's starting to heat up why not trade jason werth to a team that needs a starting outfieldier, I would hate to see werth leave but that would be the best choice for him since he proven that he can play everyday and be productive. I think Victorino is gonna stay.