Hughes Out Till All Star Break

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Yankees announced today that Phil Hughes will be out till the All-Star Break with a stress fracture in his rib cage. Tough break for the Yankees, who really invested a lot in their young pitchers this season. Hughes was 0-4 with a 9.00 ERA in six games this season, so he will likely be assigned to Double or Triple-A when he returns. He is a slow starter, but a stress fracture is pretty serious, so the Yankees should take it slow with him.

Hughes ended the year pretty strong, but injuries will slow him down and prevent him from putting up big numbers. Any major set back could shut him down for the season.


Bucky, NY 4:57 PM CDT  

Another blow to the hurting Yanks. Cashman is now feeling the pressure from the boss Jr. for not making the trade for Johan. They need to pick up a vet. starter quickly.

Anonymous 7:23 AM CDT  

Boss could have made the trade over cashmans head...I support the youngsters

ME 10:26 AM CDT  

Hank and hal r partners so unless they both agree on a trade it isnt happening