Players of the Month

Thursday, May 1, 2008

National League

Chase Utley, Phillies
.360 AVG
11 HR
23 RBI
2 SB

Brandon Webb, Diamondbacks
6-0 W-L
1.98 ERA
34 K


American League

Casey Kotchman, Angels
.344 AVG
6 HR
19 RBI
1 SB

Cliff Lee, Indians
5-0 W-L
0.96 ERA
32 K


Anonymous 4:48 PM CDT  

Tim Lincecum...better ERA & more Ks than Webb...and on a far worse team.

KevinGillman 6:28 PM CDT  

thank you Eli for awarding Cliff on pitcher of the month, nobody else is having a better start than Cliff. He went on a 27 inning scoreless streak until he threw a pitch up in the zone for a 3 run homer last night. But he's saved our season so far.

Anonymous 6:39 PM CDT  

You might want to take a look at what Josh Hamilton has done for the month down in Texas.

Anonymous 8:02 AM CDT  

Furcal finished his April with the second-best batting average (.381) and on-base percentage (.462) in the majors, and he tied for the lead in runs (26) and doubles (12).

Anonymous 9:50 AM CDT  

If you could possibly do an honorable mention...the Giants who everyone thought would be the wost team in baseball, are only in third place. And the only reason is because of good pitching and timely hitting. I think you should mention Tim Lincecum. And Fred Lewis. Both are the only reason the Giants are 13-15.

Anonymous 10:45 AM CDT  

Chipper Jones leads Utley in every category but Homeruns