Dodgers Interested In Pettitte?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

According to MLB Rumors correspondent Thomas Reiss, the Dodgers are making it known that they are interested in a short term deal for Andy Pettitte. Maybe this is Joe Torre's work, but I think Pettitte and the Dodgers are a good fit. Pettitte was 15-9 with a 4.05 ERA this season for the Yankees, and is just 35. He would benefit from a two year deal, worth 23-26 million dollars. He would have a great defense behind him, and a solid bullpen backing him up. Most importantly however, he would be under the guidance of Joe Torre. I'm sure Pettitte is waiting to see what happens with Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada, so we will not know if he opts out till the Yankees solve those problems. It would be hard for any 35 year old to turn down sixteen million dollars for one year, but Pettitte has always been beyond the money, going where he felt most comfortable. I see him taking a pay cut and walking from the troubled Yankees to a team on the rise, like the Dodgers. Although he has said he will retire if he does not exercise his clause with the Yankees, I doubt that is the case because of the Dodgers interest.


Anonymous 10:51 AM CST  

torre is the man

Anonymous 12:26 PM CST  

Where do they put Pettite? Is Loaiza tradeable? Could the Dodgers trade Lowe? Lowe is going into the last year of his deal. I think the smartest thing for the Dodgers to do is extend Penny and Lowe's contracts. Pettite would definitely be a nic fit, but where do they put him?>

Timothy 1:22 PM CST  

eww. the dodgers should go for a big slash and trade for santana. they have the prospects. if the dodgers pull the trigger on this one, they will not only lose first round picks, but also get another 'jason schmidt' type player.

Anonymous 1:24 PM CST  

just because torre is there, there is now speculation for pettite and arod.
pettite has already said he wouldnt go anywhere besides for retiring or the yankees. so this rumor is completely false, and he isnt going there. pettite is a man of his word.

Anonymous 2:49 PM CST  

again eli, your an idiot. do you ever read any of your comments?

Anonymous 3:39 PM CST  

Andy is the most honorable player in the MLB u can trust his word everyone knows that its Yankees or nada

Anonymous 4:16 PM CST  

Put the pipe down Eli :)