Fire Sale Coming?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Athletics have acknowledged that their minor league system is thinning and are looking for solid, young upgrades. Beane worked his magic this year acquiring Jerry Blevins, but he has yet to show his full potential. I think the players he is looking to trade are Dan Haren, Joe Blanton, and Dan Johnson. Haren would be a great fit for the Rockies. They need a proven pitcher and have solid, low-level prospects who are just a couple years away. I do not see many one-for-one type deals, but more Beane digging into the low-levels to find three or four prospects. Beane always finds the best time to trade his players, which is when teams are desperate to find upgrades after failing to make a splash on the market. Trades coming in early December or early January seem most likely, and I think they will dangle one, if not all three of the players. Other teams that could jump in on the sale include the Mets, Diamondbacks, Indians, White Sox, Marlins, Astros, and maybe Cardinals, but only if they fail to make a solid upgrade on the market.


Anonymous 10:50 AM CST  

he should look at keith weiser and brandon hynick

Anonymous 12:11 PM CST  


Anonymous 2:44 PM CST  

If Jason Schmidt has another injury plagued season, look for the Joe Blanton talks to start up again. Billy Beane needs to keep Clayton Kershaw out of him mind, and think real. Maybe Delwyn Young and Justin Orenduff?

Anonymous 5:12 PM CST  

figures the a's will look to dump some guys before they get to be free agents - nobody in their right mind would re-up with this pathetic franchise. who wants to play in that dump they call a ballpark that have tarps for fans in the upper deck?

a's suck!

D'Andre Williams 6:21 PM CST  

The Braves can really use Joe Blanton or Dan Haren!

E Silv 7:23 PM CST  

If the white sox dont jump into this fire sale, im gunna be pissed, look how the red sox turned out from the marlins, beckett and lowell!

KevinGillman 3:18 PM CST  

The Indians could use Dan Haren and have enough prospects to give them.

Anonymous 4:49 PM CST  

blanton is way overrated - kind of a fat slob, out of shape guy that doesn't throw hard at all and has bad mechanics. wouldn't give up much for him.

haren had a poor 2nd half and is nowhere near a "number 1" type of guy. look for him to regress this year.

Anonymous 2:15 AM CST  

Blanton pitched 230 innings last year. That's very valuable.

Anonymous 10:03 AM CST  

who cares that he pitched 230 innings??!!?? in those 230 innings he gave up 240 hits - 4th most in MLB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seems as though fat joe ought to lay off the slurpies a bit more and realize that he's not a batting practice pitcher.

a's suuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!