Here Come The Nats

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Nationals are looking for to make a big splash, and might come up surprising the baseball world by landing Andruw Jones. Team President Stan Kasten, who worked with Jones while in Atlanta, met up with him at his Alabama home to explain why he thinks Jones is a good fit. Personally, I think it is a great fit. He would go somewhere with little to no media coverage, and have a franchise built around him. However, he did thrive standing in the shadows of Chipper Jones, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz. Nonetheless, we know that the 2007 Andruw Jones will only get better, and for a team that is so willing to spend the money, the Nationals are a great choice. The Nationals are not just sold on Jones though. They have put in calls to both agents of Aaron Rowand and Torii Hunter. Aside from a center fielder, the Nationals have made contact with Livan Hernandez, a former National, about rejoining the rotation. Another great move on Kasten's part, who would bring in Hernandez and use him to show more lucrative free agents what they would like to do. Time will tell whether or not the Nationals will make these moves, but they are putting themselves in good shape to be the favorite.


Anonymous 9:27 AM CST  

this really is a great move from them, and from someone whos not even a national man its great to see a team build up like this in baseball. they'll have johnson @ 1st or young...lopez is a decent middle infielder, zimmerman is a great up and coming star, jones would fit perfectly in that big park, kearns is shining a bit and they have decent pitching.

Anonymous 1:40 PM CST  

Jones had such a miserable 2007 season. Did anyone figure out why he was so bad? Is there any sign that he might return to prior form? It's a risky move and it would be tough for a team like the Nats to spend a fortune on Jones and for him to perform like last year - or worse. It would be much easier for a bigger market team to take the risk on Jones than the Nats.

Tim 5:45 PM CST  

My take is that the Royals should take a look at picking up Jones. They have ties to Jones through Dayton Moore and with Sweeney's contract up, have some extra money to spend. Not to mention they need a veteran bat to carry along their great nucleas of young bats. This is also coming from a hopeful Royals fan, but hey, it almost makes sense.