Kazmir On The Move?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Twins pitcher Johan Santana is drawing a lot of buzz and the Twins are expected to get a boatload in return. Although Santana is just a year away from free agency, the list of teams is still growing. The Devil Rays have taken notice to what is going on and plan to shop Scott Kazmir, who is three years away from free agency. I'm sure teams would be interested in a pitcher who put a 3.49 ERA with a team like the Devil Rays, in the American League. We will know more this week as the Winter Meetings go on, but expect the Devil Rays to start dealing pretty soon.


Anonymous 11:47 AM CST  

and once again eli, your an idiot. this week is not the winter meetings, they are the GM meetings. the winter meetings are in december, during the WINTER. i cant believe i keep coming to this site. i think its because i enjoy reading how stupid you actually are.

Anonymous 11:52 AM CST  

Yeah, me too. It's just so fun.

Anonymous 12:57 PM CST  

didn't u just write something about the d-rays wanting to trade for lincecum? what good would it be trading for lincecum and then trading away kazmir? too much speculation, eli! u need to get some connections inside baseball to base ur rumors on something a lil more concrete. track down a scout or two.

Anonymous 3:22 PM CST  

Lay off a bit...

The Scott Kasmir rumor was actually discussed by Seth Everett of MLB.com who is at the GM meetings right now.