Rangers Looking At Millar?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Although center field is top priority, the Rangers are looking for an upgrade at first base, and have set their sights on Kevin Millar of the Orioles. Millar is on the outs in Baltimore because he threw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game, and will probably be traded. He would be a solid addition to the Rangers, who could send Joaquin Arias in the deal to make room for Elvis Andrus. Also, by trading Arias, it might push the Orioles to trade Miguel Tejada knowing they have Arias there to take the spot for the time being. Arias, 23, has a lot of potential but still is a year or so away from being ready. After Millar, the Rangers are also interested in Mike Lamb, and have contacted his agent about their interest. They would be a good fit, especially because Lamb has experience playing in Arlington. If all else fails, Ben Broussard is expected to be non-tendered and he could be low risk player at a cheap price. The Rangers will try hard for Hunter or Rowand, so I expect them to solve the first base situation when they see how the market plays out.


Anonymous 9:08 AM CST  

He's not on the outs and only a few jerks complained. In this day it only takes one whiner to cause grief. They don't like Red Sox fans flooding Camden but won't go themselves because they don't want to see a losing team. And O's fans buy tickets cheap & sell them the RSNation on ebay. That attitude desrves a losing team. Shame on them.

Orioles precedent: 1991 last game at Memorial Stadium, 3 former O's ALL active players on other teams, got permission to don O's uniforms to celebrate the last game. Rick Dempsey was one of them. It meant a lot to O's fans to have them there just like this meant a lot to Red Sox fans. If a few petty people don't like it, too damn bad.

Now, if you'd like Huff, take him. We'll throw in Gibbons & Payton -- for free.