Luke Scott To Be Traded?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Although Luke Scott put up decent numbers for the Astros this year, they are displeased with his first half numbers and his work ethic, and are looking to trade him. Scott, 29, batted .255 with 18 HR and 64 RBI in 132 games. Not bad, but it could be better. There are several teams that could use an outfielder, but I have heard Scott has been struggling down in Venezuela, further lowering his value. Trading Scott would open up a spot to land a big time outfielder, probably Torii Hunter. But what the Astros need to do is focus on pitching and finding a middle infielder. I've been saying it for months that the Astros should go for Tadahito Iguchi for their second base spot, and then look to sign a proven pitcher. The Astros have money to spend, and could definitely use some upgrades so they can compete with the Brewers, Cubs, Cardinals, and improving Reds. As for Scott, I expect the Twins to be interested because of he bats from the left side, along with the Marlins, White Sox, Orioles, and maybe the Cardinals.


Kenneth 1:40 PM CDT  

throw the A's in the mix of interested teams.

Anonymous 10:58 PM CDT  

Scott is a journeyman type player. He won't bring much in a trade from what you say about him. If I was any other team I would wait the Astros out and get him for almost anything.

Anonymous 5:51 PM CDT  

Tadahito Iguchi? Chris Burke has more power, more speed, and way more upside than Iguchi. If the Astros sign Loretta as a super sub, they can take the chance with Burke. Even without Loretta, the Astros have Jonny Ash coming up through the farm. Either way, Iguchi would not necessarily be an improvement. Word is that the Astros are interested in Luis Castillo. That would be a proven upgrade at second and worth pursuing, but not Iguchi.

Anonymous 10:16 PM CDT  

throw the a's in? why? does he suck?