Number 27 Will Haunt Girardi

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I was very happy to hear that Joe Girardi would be named the next manager of the Yankees. For those of you that do not know, I am from Chicago and as I got into baseball, Girardi was emerging as the Cubs catcher. Believe or not, I even ran into him at a local establishment in the town I live in while he was visiting a friend, so I do have some personal connections to him, even though it was brief. But for some reason, I do not understand why he chose the number 27. He only puts more pressure on himself to win a World Series in 2008. I think it is perfectly appropriate to say we will win a World Series, but to go as far as put the goal on the back of your jersey, that is a little much. Maybe it is an aggressive plea to land a big free agent who is longing for a World Series, maybe Torii Hunter? I just think that he may be "jinxing himself" for the upcoming season, maybe even his time as Yankees manager. Now maybe nothing will happen and they will eventually win a World Series under Girardi, but if they don't, I'm sure some skeptics will say it was because he decided to don the number 27. Nonetheless, I fully expect Girardi to run a successful team, even if Rodriguez is not back with the Yankees. He does extensive research on all the teams he faces, and is familiar with the Yankees because he has been around them for the past several seasons. Now that Girardi is manager, it makes even more sense that they will go for Miguel Cabrera, who was managed by Girardi back in 2006. More will be determined in Spring Training when we can see the upgrades the Yankees have made, but I think Girardi should have reconsidered the decision to wear number 27.


Anonymous 11:23 PM CDT  

Keeps getting dumber.

It's a number. Jinxes don't exist. Just like pixies and fairies and ogres don't exist.


Anonymous 11:32 PM CDT  

I think they are in trouble despite the number

Anonymous 11:33 PM CDT  

i think your right here eli...girardi is putting a lot of pressure on himself and will only have to answer to it if he fails

Anonymous 11:47 PM CDT  

i could see it happening 3 year down the road-but it seems insignificant now

Anonymous 11:48 PM CDT  

shut up shut up !!!! yanks are fine

Anonymous 6:15 AM CDT  

It would be nice if you would mention what the significance is of 27 for us that don't know. You do this alot in your articles. You assume everyone knows what you are refering to in a lot of your articles.

Anonymous 8:13 AM CDT  

Yanks have won 26 Championships to this day, Girardi will be going after number 27 next season.

Anonymous 2:16 PM CDT  

I'm anxious to see how many of the original crew jump ship. I'd love to see Rivera in Philadelphia.

Anonymous 8:56 PM CDT  

eli you are a moron seriously your writing is terrible and you bring up the most pointless things

Anonymous 11:01 PM CDT  

I think Eli is great. And he comes up with info first that I haven't seen anywhere else. And this isn't the place for name calling. I admire his ability to do all he is doing with this site.

Anonymous 10:28 AM CST  

check out rick teleander's article in the chicago sun times today all you nay-sayers...