Report: Red Sox, Yankees, Now Waiting

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

According to MLB Rumors Correspondent Brady Yu, the Red Sox have made an official offer to Mike Lowell and are waiting to hear back from him. Also, the Yankees have offered a three year deal, worth 39 million dollars to Mariano Rivera, as reported by Jon Heyman. The Red Sox offer is believed to be a three year deal with an option for a fourth, but nothing has been confirmed otherwise. Calls were put in to both Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein, but were not immediately returned.

More details soon...


Anonymous 5:18 PM CST  

Just 3 years for Rivera? He should play the market. I would be surprised if someone won't be willing to go 4 or even 5 years for him - say 4 for 52-54, with a 5th year option.

Anonymous 5:48 PM CST  

any team stupid enough to give rivera 4 years or even thinking about an option for a 5th year should be fired. a 3 year contract is already going to take rivera into his 40s i dont see how any bullpen guy in their 40s would be worth that much money. Rivera had a decline in 2007 from his 2006 season. his era almost jumped a 1 and a half, his whip was up. i would expect the decline to continue. If Rivera was smart he would move to the NL where he could probably be a good closer

Bucky, NY 7:30 PM CST  

For Both teams and players this makes sense. Lowell has become a boston favorite and Rivera is the best reliever in Yankees history. Fans for both teams will sleep better knowing their teams did the right thing.

Anonymous 7:43 PM CST  

stop pretending you have inside just take stuff from other rumor websites and put it on here! your a joke

Anonymous 10:40 PM CST  

lol, Brady Yu

Anonymous 11:53 PM CST  

Signing Rivera for more than 3 years would be like signing Pedro for 4 years, or similar to signing Posada for 4 years. You are hoping that he maintains his form and can perhaps put you over the edge in the first 2 or 3 years of the contract. Beyond that is bonus time, extra money that you had to give him to lure him from his prior team. Do you really think that nobody would offer Rivera - the best closer in baseball for the last decade, maybe the best of all time - an extra year?

Also, Rivera had his first year with an ERA over 2 since '02! It's not like he 'lost it', (although I do think he HAS lost a little off of his stuff). But his numbers from '07 are deceiving because he started the season so poorly. The cut off contract negotiations definitely had an effect on Rivera's pitching early in the season. I think at one point in May his ERA was over 5 and he was struggling. He seemed to settle down when Cashman met with him privately over the contract issue, where he supposedly said that the Yanks would make him an offer in the off-season. There's still noone I'd rather have pitch the 9th, (and I hate the Yankees).

Anonymous 4:44 AM CST  

rivera cant even pitch against the red sox anymore. he had an era of 7 in the 10 games he went against them. yanks would be better off going with joba and using that money elsewhere. let rivera walk and take the draft picks for him

Anonymous 6:34 PM CST  

who my sox gi=onna get???